Tourism Development

Tourism development is an important tool that creates and supports an increase in economic development activities. It is used to support business retention, investment and attraction and attract new residents. Remember, every investor and business owner has been a visitor first!

Make tourism the number one priority in your economic development toolbox. Make your community and businesses stand out. Put the vibrancy back into your downtown with appealing facades and successful retail concepts.

A vibrant downtown appeals to residents and visitors alike, with the ability to enjoy new and innovative experiences and attractions. The HOW of creating a vibrant downtown can be found through meaningful collaboration and innovative initiatives within your very own business community! Your vision can be supported with a successful retail sector, creative downtown planning and development, and a strategic marketing and communication plan.

  • We discover and define competitive potential and existing niche markets for destinations and product providers. We identify opportunities and new partnerships for your community and businesses.
  • We create innovative strategies, access and connections to your target market to elevate your project, your place, your legacy.
  • We develop marketing and advertising collateral with recommendation for media tools to put your community and/or business on the map.

Services include:

  • Asset mapping
  • Tourism product development
  • Strategic planning
  • Event Identification, feasibility, development and coordination
  • Sponsorship programs for events
  • Programming your assets
  • Training and workshops
  • Tourism tool kit (building the foundation)
  • Positioning and niche Markets
  • Marketing (see marketing services)
  • Assist setting up tourism organizations