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Welcome to Streamlined Vision

Streamlined Vision is committed in providing our clients with a comprehensive and focused approach to Economic and Tourism Development Projects.

Streamlined Vision is a value added business catering to economic and tourism consultancies as well as economic and tourism professionals that are part of an organization needing an extra hand with their projects.

From capturing the essence of your vision to building a strategy for economic or/and tourism development that leads to success with proven results, we support you through each step.

Streamlined Vision - Home
Streamlined Vision - Home
Streamlined Vision - Home

Streamlined Vision provides excellent research, insights and trends, streamlines processes to promote engagement and productivity. Ultimately, bringing your projects to successful completion by lending a hand with the various components of your work.

I offer a customized approach for every project and client by delivering comprehensive research, reviews, attainable and measurable action plans, key performance measures, realistic timelines, effective marketing solutions; asset mapping and gap analysis; grant writing and reports; short and long term strategies related to tourism & economic development, business retention and expansion as well as investment attraction; programming; product and event development; review of policies and procedures and more.

In addition, being a creative and innovative entrepreneur, I will help discover your client’s or community’s potential, provide unique ideas, identify and uncover rewarding opportunities. Through diligent research, key industries, target markets and EQ traveller segmentation for tourism are determined*; building the very foundation for your various strategies and projects. *(Based on Canadian Tourism Commission’s Explore Quotient ®)


Assist economic & tourism professionals and organizations with their work so they can focus and capitalizing on the bigger picture, opportunities, and navigate through economic challenges with ease. I like my clients to embrace economic advantages and expand on new opportunities that promote continual growth, prosperity and sustainability within their organization and the community they are catering to.


The Streamlined Vision mission is to create an environment that promotes success for our clients through collaboration on projects. Uncover creative and achievable action steps with tangible performance indicators to bring your project to completion in a timely manner.


Community and regional success through value added assistance and integrated economic and tourism development processes.

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We assist communities, businesses, organizations (for profit and none for profit) and associations with challenges they face in this competitive market place and complex global economy, in addition to challenges due to COVID-19.

We are particularly proud to serve the Indigenous communities across both Alberta and British Columbia.

Our mission is to put your business and community on the map. We help you shift from reactive to proactive to achieve economic and tourism success.