Concept & process


Our concept and process involves guiding our clients through the decision making process by taking the following strategic steps:

  • Discovery: Talent, Quality of place, Innovation;
  • Identify: Opportunities for business, Collaborations and potential partnerships;
  • Action: Inception to strategy; Action plan to implementation with performance metrics; Attractive, Unique, Result-oriented marketing plan and tools.


Project Assessment – What do you need?

We assess client needs and engage with local businesses and organizations to determine clear objectives and identify the first phase in the development process.

Assembling Team – Who do you need?

We complete a thorough introspection to assess and identify a team that can deliver results based on your goals and within projected timelines and budget.

Engagement & Research – What has been done?

We identify and interview key stakeholders and community members and create questionnaires to determine which tools work best in gathering information within the current environment and respect Covid-19 restrictions. Research related activities and relevant documentation for your project.

Evaluation & Needs Assessment – What is your path forward?

We assess and evaluate primary research, completed interviews and documentation your organization has already completed, to determine and outline the state of the community’s position and attitudes in the current economic landscape. We will create a path forward in developing a project plan, including next steps, identify goals and objectives with achievable action items.

Complete Project – How to measure your success?

Together, we will implement all recommended strategies within the suggested timelines, including performance metrics to monitor successes and return on investment.