Alexandra Ross; Ec.D.,MA

Alexandra Ross Edc

Alexandra Ross is an experienced Economic Development and Tourism professional with a demonstrated history of successfully working with businesses, communities, indigenous, various levels of government and various industries including the resource and tourism industry. Proudly serving the Provinces of Alberta and British Columbia.

Skilled in strategic planning, marketing, communication, international relations, post secondary; community engagement and partnership building including downtown vitalization, planning and development; business development, including retention, business investment and attraction, real estate and site location finder; retail management, project management, and vast experience in events, indigenous, and industry relations.

Passionate about having a positive impact, the key to my success is collaboration; building and maintaining solid relationships with key contacts and to develop strategies for progress and success.

From a municipal perspective she has been involved in planning and development, including zoning, business friendly policy and bylaw improvements, as well as policy and procedure review and development catering to the vitalization of downtowns and business parks. Her solid understanding of these municipal aspects enabled her to contribute to the development of incentive and tax programs. Furthermore, she led the commercial real estate sales for municipalities and rezoning catering to business and investment attraction. Her research and grant writing abilities assisted many communities and organizations to follow through with projects small and large.

Her ability to engage and follow up with communities and interest groups to achieve a common vision is uncanny. Achieving desirable, beneficial outcomes and buy in from the majority of engaged stakeholders and community is based on the importance of providing a balanced perspective that is clear, simple and easy to understand information, educational components, in addition an empathy for concerned residents and stakeholders.

Her practical experience in program development, retail management, event management, community relations, and group facilitation as well as workshop delivery for entrepreneurs and companies, in addition to working with indigenous and non-profit business organizations has kept her connected to the grassroots and allowed her to remain on top of emerging trends across many sectors.

Alexandra’s research, assessment and reporting capability provide a solid foundation for understanding, education, vision and finding common grounds, including measurable success indicators.

Throughout her professional career, Alexandra has developed maintained strong and meaningful relationships. Her contacts on the provincial, in Alberta and British Columbia and federal level have helped communities and organizations to secure additional funding for projects that put communities on the map and get noticed in the marketplace. Passionate about having a positive impact, she collaborates with leaders, business and key contacts to develop strategies for progress and to promote solid relationships.

Business Investment Attraction program; University of Calgary (2019)

Ec.D. Designation, Economic Development Association Canada (2015)

Economic Development Certification; University of Waterloo/ University of Alberta

Group Facilitation Certificate; Municipal Affairs Alberta

Media Training (2007 – 2016 annually)

Masters degree in German literature, under degrees in political science and psychology (marketing focus); Justus-Liebig University Giessen, Germany

Diploma in business and economics; TH College, Germany

Diploma in Retail Management; Germany


Instrumental in receiving the following awards for the Town of Okotoks:

Rural Tourism Champion (renamed to Wynn McLean Tourism Champion Award);

Alex Metcalfe Award; Business Investment and Attraction Award;


Finalist for three projects for the Travel Alberta Alto Marketing Awards


Finalist for the Rural Tourism Awards for regional partnership

Double finalist for the EDA Marketing Awards;


Instrumental in receiving EDAC National Marketing;

Municipality of the Year Southwest Alberta Tourism Association;


Recipient of the President’s Award, presented by Professional Organizers in Canada.

Languages: English and German fluent; French and Spanish functional.